Fundamentals Of Functional Foot Orthoses

50 Hour Course

Primary Topics

Primary Pedorthic Instructors
Our pedorthic instructors have years of experience in laboratories that are accredited by the Board for Accreditation in Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratories (BAPFOL).

Joe Haig, O.S.T., C.Ped.
Joe Haig co-founded OSI Labs, Inc., one of the nation's leading orthotic manufacturing laboratories, in 1977, and has aided in the development of six manufacturing facilities throughout the country. Mr. Haig currently manages the production facilities at Foot One, Inc. where he will provide hands-on instruction. Joe Haig brings nearly 3 decades of experience to this course. Foot One, Inc., is a BAPFOL accredited manufacturing laboratory, having the highest industry standards in making functional feet orthoses.

Pam Haig, C.Ped.
Pam Haig entered the profession in 1975 and founded the first pedorthic medical clinic in Indianapolis in 1984, merging the fields of podiatry and orthopaedics. Ms. Haig has three decades of clinical and biomechanical experience and is an Advisory Board Member to the Health and Environmental Technologies Division of Oklahoma State University - Okmulgee. She currently is Secretary/Treasurer of The International Alliance For Pedorthic Education And Advancement.

Enrollment fees
Fundamentals Of Functional Foot Orthoses: This is an advanced course, therefore It is suggested that candidates for enrollment have a minimum of five years pedorthic manufacturing experience. This is an excellent course for those individuals seeking to communicate with podiatric or biomechanically oriented practitioners.

The ABC has awarded 49.5 CME's for an additional titled:  Advanced Manufacturing Course


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