International Online And Live Courses

The RMPI Offers Two Educational Opportunities In Asia

1) Asia Pedorthic Certification Online Course which is not eligible for the ABC USA National Pedorthic Exam unless the student participates in the NCOPE approved 10 day practicum course at the RMPI headquarters or another approved location.

Once enrolled in the Asia Pedorthic Pre-Certification Online Course, a "Welcome Email" will be sent via email from the RMPI,  providing access codes to the Pedorthic Pre-certification Online Course or if applicable - Customized Course and other pertinent information.

2) Asia Foot And Ankle Biomechanics Online and Live Course; there are four lectures to choose from ranging from 10 hours of instruction to 50 hours of instruction. Both provide certificates of completion from the RMPI.

Enrollment into the Fundamental Foot Biomechanics Course - Asia Region will be administered through the RMPI Adjunct Faculty - Asia Region headquarters.







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