The RMPI has a vision and commitment of sponsoring many outreach programs.

Listed below are those currently in development, active or past sponsorships or programs.

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RMPI's Ongoing and Past Outreach Programs or Sponsorships: (see detailed descriptions below)

 Nursing Home Internships/ Diabetic Foot Health Program     

    Bionic Kidz Outreach         

     Bionic Kidz Medical School        

Diabetic Yet Bionic Outreach

RHI Sports 

Leukemia Walk

Martin Luther King WalK

Cancer Walk

 Survivor's Of Intimate Abuse Outreach Programs

            "GLOWING for TA-TAHS"                  

 More To Come!     Ask Us How!


      Nursing Home Internships/ Diabetic Foot Health Program (Ongoing) In 1993 Congress enacted the Therapeutic Shoe Bill; allowing diabetic patients "at risk" to qualify for one free pair of diabetic approved shoes and three diabetic inserts or one pair of shoes and two orthopedic shoe modifications to enhance the health and prevention of diabetic ulcers and amputations. The RMPI pedorthic faculty manages an internship program within 30 nursing homes in the state of Indiana and consults on nursing homes in Ohio. The RMPI students provide services under the direct supervision of the RMPI pedorthic faculty and gain experience in treating, consulting and managing diabetic foot conditions to those afflicted with this disease, within these nursing homes. The RMPI interns also gain experience providing products and services within patients homes who can not travel to receive care. The RMPI utilizes the traveling retail trailer and lab to perform adjustments to braces, orthoses, shoes and inserts while the patient's wait versus returning to perform them - in most cases. To  make a donation of time, talents or to make a financial contribution to this project please contact pam@rmpi.org

 Bionic Kidz Outreach (Ongoing) With the epidemic of obesity and diabetes in the USA and the USA holding the lead with the highest obesity rate of all countries. The RMPI desires to do their part in providing screenings to adolescents in the prevention of obesity, diabetes and malalignment via a mobile unit to schools, daycares and sporting events. The RMPI purchased the mobile unit in 2006 and has utilized it in presenting traveling courses through out Canada and the USA. The RMPI desires to utilize this mobile unit in 2010 in the Bionic Kidz Outreach campaign. Your help, talents and financial assistance is needed. To  make a donation of time, talents or to make a financial contribution to this project please contact pam@rmpi.org

Bionic Kidz Medical School (Ongoing) Developed in conjunction with the Bionic Kidz Outreach program. Endorsed by Mayor Taylor of Elwood, Indiana. This outreach program provides an opportunity for Elwood adolescents to be screened by aspiring pedorthist under the direction of the RMPI, adjunct faculty members and local physicians or allied health care professionals. The children would be bused in from surrounding cities into the Bionic Kidz Medical School Division of the RMPI.  The RMPI is currently seeking grants and funding for this project. The children would enter through a separate door of the school and proceed down a hallway with inspirational graffiti on the walls and enter a entertainment room where youthful presentations would be provided by local talent via live presentations or videography, educating the child on various topics including health care, exercise, health prevention against obesity, diabetes, improper foot wear, athletic injuries, etc.   The climax of this event revolves around the Historical Hall City Hall, as previous it housed the fire station, courthouse and police station. Each child would then receive a tour of the jail cells where each cell would provide free screenings on shoe fit, scoliosis, lower extremity malalignment, obesity and the potential injuries to the spine due to the weight of back packs on growing spines, all performed by aspiring pedorthists!  The child would then receive a free pair of shoes from Dr. Kong Footwear and receive a motivational inspiration from a volunteer police officer who encourages the children to "stay in school, stay fit and to come back to the Bionic Kidz Medical School to learn more about the how they can stay healthy and fit to reach their dreams! The children would also receive a tour of the school and clinic to inspire them to enter the field of medicine. The RMPI envisions offering a summer day camp for children who hold a special interest in the sciences. In this day camp program, the child would spend time learning about the foot and ankle, anatomy, locomotion and hopefully become a team leader and role model for other children in our goal of rebuilding the economically distressed city of Elwood. This project is estimated at $100,000K to renovate the basement of the school and to purchase audiovisual equipment to make this an exciting, dynamic learning experience! To  make a donation of time, talents or to make a financial contribution to this project please contact pam@rmpi.org

    Diabetic Yet Bionic Outreach (Ongoing) Feet come in all ages, sizes and colors. The RMPI recently purchased a "Retail Mobile Unit" to house diabetic shoes in an effort of reaching individuals who are aged and in nursing homes or housebound. This Retail Mobile Unit has a generator to run electricity, air conditioning and heat as well as enough amps to allow small machinery for customization to shoes, inserts and braces to the lower extremities. This mobile unit will also provide internship and clinical experience to students attending the RMPI. The RMPI desires to find a corporate sponsor for financial assistance, donations of shoes and inserts and to import their company logo to be viewed as we promote foot health to those in need.  To make a donation of time, talents or to make a financial contribution to this project please contact pam@rmpi.org

       RHI Sports - Dan Reed (Ongoing) The RMPI believes that helping people, means that we often need to get out of our comfort zone, or assist others who are not directly affiliated with our own personal or professional lives. As we know, biomechanics is not limited to the lower extremity. Therefore, the RMPI is proud to sponsor Dan Reed who is a Paraplegic Wheelchair Athlete for RHI Sports. Dan was selected to represent the USA in the World Championships in the years 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 and the USA National for nine years. The Team received Gold Medals for winning each of these years of competition. Historically, this is the first time that this Medal has been won consecutively and continuing to win for four years straight; hopeful to win in 2017. The RMPI encourages you learn more about Dan Reed and consider sponsoring him in future events by visiting the following links: https://www.gofundme.com/I-Support-Dan-Reed or www.IndianaWaterSki.org

Leukemia Walk - Annie - Z-Coil Employee (Past) The RMPI is proud to sponsor Julie Haig, who honors herself and others in their fight and survival against Leukemia.

Martin Luther King Walk - UBU Ministry (Past) The RMPI is proud to sponsor the annual "Love Walk" 2004 - 2009 within the community of Elwood, Indiana as individuals of all races come together in harmony and peace to honor the accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King and his ministry.

Cancer Walk - Julie Haig (Past) The RMPI is proud to sponsor Julie Haig, who honors "Rosemary", a volunteer at the RMPI, who lost her life to cancer in 2007 and Pearl Pio who survived cancer by living with repeated cancer threats during her 92 year lifespan.

Survivor's Of Intimate Abuse Outreach Programs (Ongoing) The RMPI holds a firm foundation of commitment to preventing physical, mental, and sexual abuse by "those who proclaim to love us the most". Therefore, the RMPI supports individuals with a history of intimate abuse through the following outreach programs 1) Calvary Temple Women's and Men's Ministry - A Safe House for those in need 2) a foster child whose father was a victim of intimate abuse and left her fatherless 3) educational scholarships to three individuals who are survivor's of intimate abuse whose father was assaulted as a young person 4) Scholarships to attend the RMPI school for individuals who have survived a particular intimate abuse within their own life; for those who aspire to help others through the science of pedorthics biomechanics.

GLOWING for TA-TAHS (New Program - Website Under Development) See News On RMPI Home Page (Main Page) at www.rmpi.org  The RMPI enthusiastically sponsors "GLOWING for TA-TAHS" - aiding in supporting individuals diagnosed with breast cancer. This charitible event provides financial hope to those who may not have the resources available to them during this transition. 

























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