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Conceptualized in 1984 by Visionary Founder, Pam Haig and brought to fruition in 2002 through the guidance and mentorship of several key physicians - Willie Ray DPM, Jack Glick DPM, Richard Lundeen DPM, Theodore Morden DPM, Robert Palmer MD, Eric Rivers DC, Brian Bartley PT, DC, Franklin Nash MD, and Steven Herbst MD. This team of podiatric, orthopedic, chiropractic, physical therapy and academic physicians, along with numerous multi-discliplinary adjunct faculty members and a committed co-founder and financial business partner, succeeded in developing this dream into a reality.

Originally conceptualized in 1984 as an internship program providing Continuing Medical Education credits, in 1996 the vision gained a firm foundation with the mentorship of retired orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Robert Palmer; IU Emeritus Faculty Member. During the years of 1996 - 2006, the vision flourished into a 160 hour competency based Pedorthic Pre-certification program and an international pedorthic's program being offered in Canada and Hong Kong. The Robert M. Palmer, M.D., Institute Of Biomechanics was incorporated in 2002 and recognized by the Internal Revenue as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) school in 2003. In 2004, the first course was nationally publicized, bringing seven students from as far as the state of California to attend the course held in Indianapolis, Indiana at Foot One, Inc., a 3K square foot pedorthic medical clinic. Foot One Inc., now recognized as Foot One Mechanix, was the long term financial supporter of the RMPI until 2004 when Superfeet Worldwide LLC endowed $100,000 to renovate the newly acquired Historical City Hall Building in Elwood, Indiana. Since 2004, the RMPI has provided academic education to nearly 800 hundred students who will serve thousands of patients within their own communities. RMPI's students have traveled to the USA from Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, Canada, Taiwan, Australia, Malaysia and England to participate in RMPI's Pedorthic Pre-certification Courses. Some of these individuals hold degrees in orthopedic, podiatric, chiropractic, family medicine, internal medicine, physical therapy, pharmacy, nursing, athletic training, prosthetics and orthotics, engineering, and other specialties such as retailers, durable medical equipment personnel etc. Many are entering the profession as high school graduates looking for a career in healthcare or as individuals or adults seeking self employment opportunities.

Many corporations have "put their best foot forward" and made contributions to ensure the longevity of the school. After Superfeet Worldwide Endowed $100,000 for renovation to the "Institute Of Biomechanics School" (RMPI), The Spenco Medical Corporation became a leading sponsor as well as Dr. Kong Footwear.  In 2011, Stable Step (Powerstep) committed to a $60K, three year financial sponsorship toward the RMPI Capital Campaign to repair the Historical Dome on the school. Other long term sponsors include Aetrex Worldwide, Z-Coil Pain Relief Footwear Company, and various others, joining the RMPI's "Partner's In Alignment Campaign". Please visit our Sponsorship Tab to learn more about the generosity of individuals and corporations who have also made contributions. The Visionary Founder, Board of Directors, administration, faculty and volunteers bestow much gratitude to all those who have helped to make the RMPI an international leader in pedorthic education through their contributions of prayers and inspiration, time, energy and passion, and their financial or product contributions.

Coming Soon - "Personal And Corporate Sponsors" and "Wish List" Powerpoint. To make contributions of prayer and inspiration, energy, time, talents or to make a financial donation, please contact Pam Haig, at - your support helps us to support others and to provide financial aid scholarships to aspiring healthcare students.

The goal of the RMPI is to enhance the patient outcomes of the patient's served through biomechanical and accommodative treatment modalities. Our mission is thus three fold 1) Education 2) Service 3) Research. The school is dedicated to the education, training, and advancement of the pedorthic profession. Pedorthics is a medical profession that is concerned with the function of the human body, primarily of the legs and feet. This school is unique in its approach in that it blends theories, principles, and experience of three professions. Here the professions of Orthopedics, Podiatry, and Pedorthics are blended for the benefit of each profession and most particularly their patients.

The RMPI continues to work diligently in promoting pedorthic education in an effort to prevent disabling conditions to the lower extremities caused by obesity, diabetes and malalignment. In 2005, The Pedorthic industry selected the RMPI campus to serve as the headquarters for the International Alliance for Pedorthic Education and Training. In 2007 the Alliance merged with the PFA and it became the headquarters for pedorthic education for the USA. As of 2009, the Alliance works parallel to the PFA, crossing paths on many collaborative projects with a focus on pedorthic education. The Elwood RMPI school still serves as the international headquarters for pedorthic education servicing Canada, the USA and China with a vision to share pedorthic education throughout the world. As of 2009, pedorthic education is taught in the USA, Canada, Australia, China, Thailand, and Taiwan through the effort of many individuals and corporations with a commitment for foot health to all people; in the hopes of preventing disabilities, amputations and dysfunctional lifestyles by creating a firm foundation by which to support the miraculous human body!

"Promoting active, rewarding lifestyles to adults and adolescents" Quoted By Dr. Robert Palmer.

A 501(3(c) Not-For-Profit School Conceptualized 1984 - Founded 1996 - Incorporated 2002 - And Growing!

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And as always..."your support helps us to support others!"

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Approved Educator by the ABC - American Board For Certification In Orthotics, Prosthetics And Pedorthics and BOC - Board For Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics, NCOPE - National Comission For Orthotics, Prosthetics Education.

Please consider viewing the Indiana Historical Society link provided below to learn about the RMPI donation of one of the historical jail cells for the use in the display.

In the 1920's "You're Busted" Prohibition exhibit, the jail cell is from Elwood's Historic City Building. Roger Fish with the Indiana Historical Society contacted Bill Savage who holds the position of Elwood Economic Development. Roger was in need an old cell for the display and Bill introduced him to Joe Haig (Robert Palmer Institute). It all worked out beautifully and interested individuals have the chance to see it for free. The other exhibit is the Robert Kennedy Experience. If you love history, you will enjoy these two exhibits.

In the spirit of proactively getting the word out to friends and family about the Indiana Experience, a "Friends and Family" electronic ticket is provided for those interested in experiencing this exhibit.

Natalie Palmer

Senior Director, Visitor Services and Special Events
Indiana Historical Society
Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center
450 W. Ohio Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

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