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Powerstep Raises The RMPI Roof!
Published Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Remington Products Company Buys Stable Step, Makers of Powerstep

Mr. Tim Remington, President of Remington Products, Inc. announced today (Podiatry News May 17, 2010 - Issue #3859 - the purchase of the Stable Step Corporation, a privately-held business with headquarters located in Cincinnati, OH. Stable Step sells Powerstep brand pre-fabricated foot orthotics to medical professionals and retail stores throughout the United States. Mr. Remington, in announcing the purchase, said, “We have identified, in our product line and within our internal product development program, a number of product options that we can manufacture and sell under the Powerstep brand name going forward. Also, we are pleased that Dr. Les Appel, the founder and owner of Stable Step, will remain with us as a consultant so that we can benefit from his long experience in creating this very successful company.”

Dr. Appel, the former President of Stable Step, in his new role as a consultant, will focus his creative energies on new product ideas, as well as helping to market and sell Powerstep products. Mr. Gus McPhie, the current Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, will be responsible for managing the business. He has been an important contributor to the Powerstep brand’s success over the last several years.

July 2011 - Powerstep Commits To RMPI's "Raising The Roof Campaign" and "Capital Campaign"

Continuing in the legacy of the founder of Powerstep, education and research will continue to be the keystone of their past and future success. Therefore, joining the RMPI in its "Partners In Alignment Campaign", Powerstep has made a long term commitment with a financial contribution towards the vision and mission of the RMPI. An initial financial donation of $20K was granted towards the "Raise the Roof Campaign" to assist with repairing the historical dome of the headquarters of the RMPI - nationally recognized by the historical society; formerly the historic city hall building of Elwood, Indiana which was donated to the RMPI by Elwood's Mayor Taylor and the Elwood Historical Society. Please visit the RMPI website "About Us" to learn more about the acquisition of the buiding and the generous donations and volunteers associated with this momentous event.

Over the next three years (and up for review at the conclusion of the three year commitment), Powerstep has also committed to an annual donation of $20K towards the RMPI "Capital Campaign". These funds will be used for yearly maintanence to the buiding, environmentally and cost efficient heating and cooling systems and other necessities that promote the long term vision and mission of the founder's of the RMPI, with an emphasis on clinical trials and research to promote consumer and pedorthic education, products and services. Creating "active, rewarding, adult lifestyles"... quoted as the founding statement for the vision and mission of the RMPI by Robert Palmer, M.D., co-founder of the RMPI.

The RMPI is seeking additional Corporate Sponsors to match this donation

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Powerstep - Our Story... 


Powerstep was founded in 1991 by Dr. Les Appel, a podiatrist, foot surgeon, and runner. With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Appel has prescribed and created thousands of custom orthotics. After many years of analyzing thousands of casts, it became apparent that there were a few common orthotic shapes that seemed to relieve most patients’ foot pain. Dr. Appel realized that there was a need for a ready-to-wear orthotic that would effectively relieve foot pain, in many instances more affordably and more conveniently than custom made orthotics.

Powerstep’s mission is to provide the most effective products available for preventing and relieving common foot problems. To that end, Powerstep products incorporate the average dimensions obtained through computer analysis of thousands of feet for a superior design, made with superior materials. The first Powerstep orthotic was sold in 1992 to podiatrists and running store specialty retailers nation-wide.  Over 4,000 medical professionals now prescribe Powerstep orthotics and over 600 retailers sell them in their stores everyday.

The key to the company’s success has been a combination of effective, innovative products and outstanding customer service. Powerstep’s lineup of styles includes different levels of cushioning, different sizes, and different lengths to accommodate many different types of shoes and alleviate a variety of foot issues. We hope after exploring our line of products with your local medical professional or retailer that you’ll find a Powerstep orthotic that works for you. So come in soon, and find out what your Powerstep story can be like.



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