Wish List

“Wish List” Of School Needs & Long Term Vision

Dire Need - Fund Raising Campaign - Preserve Pedorthic Education In The USA

  Thank You Powerstep, for your generous contribution!


 Goal Achieved Spring 2012!

Entire Dome Repaired; New Roof, New Flagpole, Restored Lighting, New Gold Paint

"Going For The Olympic Gold" the motto at RMPI!  Ask An Alumni To Explain!

"Our beautiful dome was leaking!" - Spring 2010 - as students participated in a pedorthic pre-certification course, suddenly the sound of water was heard in the background of the lecture... as students and faculty scurried to determine what the noise was, there was water leaking in the third floor entry hallway, break room, prop room, bathrooms and upon the newly remodeled drywall, paint and floor coverings. Inspection of the dome indicates that shingles and structural repair was needed, estimated at $25K for shingle repair or $40K for a metal roof. With over $200K invested in the renovations of this Historical Building, with a special gratitude to  Superfeet Worldwide, LLC, for their generous endowment of $100K in 2004, we need to continue our vision and mission; to serve! Please consider making a contribution today to our capital campaign!

Capital Campaign

Every year, nearly +80 manufacturers and vendors attend the National PFA Symposium and even more when considering the combined attendance to O&P Symposiums annually. We would like to ask each one of these corporations to consider donating $100.00 per month to the RMPI Capital Campaign. With this annual contribution,  this pedorthic not-for-profit school will build a capital reserve to sustain the long term vision of it's founders, volunteers and adjunct faculty. Perhaps you will agree that the future of this profession lies in the foundation of pedorthic education.  A pedorthic location for research, clinical trials, retail and manufacturing internship opportunities, a gait analysis lab...proving the efficacy of our profession! "YOUR" school! "YOUR" Not-For-Profit - "YOUR" Support is needed...  Please consider making a long term commitment. With your contribution, we can save limbs and prolong lives; preventing musculoskeletal malalignment,  creating active, rewarding adult lifestyles for todays youth and future generations! A "win-win" opportunity; our commitment is to keep educating, while providing internships to aspiring pedorthists using and promoting your products and services so that your organization grows and develops better products and services... Helping People...Step By Step...Together!

Research Needs

$10K Tekscan System (also for research to prove the efficiacy of advanced posting theories) Powerstep Donated Fall 2011 

$10 – 100K Gait Lab/Research Technology Powerstep Donated $20K for Research Spring 2012 

$230K Research Sponsorship - Two proposals submitted for funding in conjunction with RMPI, Ball State University and Georgia Institute Of Technology


$45K Annually  - Overhead of Building - Basic Maintainence, Utilities, Insurance

$24K Annually - Project Manager Salary/ Grant Writer

$60K Annually – Faculty Salaries

From conception, all staffing has been volunteers


Exterior Remodeling

$9K Painting & Concrete Work We're 50% to reaching our goal!

$8 New Main Entry Security Door, Repair To The Porch Overhang, Drywall Improvements In Entry Way, Industrial Flooring For Hallway

$20K New Siding (A long term goal)

$500 Garage Door for Dormitory Garage "Goal Achieved Spring 2010"

$5K Structural Garage Repair

Handicap / Disability Renovations

Goal: Orthopedic Surgeon and Family Physician to Sublease Space; requires handicap accessibility

$28K Parking Lot Ramp / Renovation

$100K Elevator To All Levels For Patient Interaction with Students & Clinical Care

$500 Refreshments For Students For 10 Days Each Course

$1K Dinner Event

$800 Dormitory Housing Sponsorship Per Month

Outreach Programs

Goal Achieved Spring 2010!   $6500.00 - (Original Customization Retail - $16K) Retail Mobile Trailer For Outreach Programs - Free Footcare and Footwear Screenings and Shoe Assessments to adolescents at sporting events and elderly patients in nursing homes by students participating in the RMPI Pedorthic Pre-certification Program.  Our students will be visiting thirty nursing homes in 2010 and 2011 to address the needs of diabetic patients and those with balance issues! We're looking for shoe donations from manufacturer's and business owners to help support this program; please keep us in mind as you eliminate "last year's styles, hash inventory, etc".

$150K Bionic Kidz Medical School

$9K Bionic Kidz Screenings & Gift

$1K Parent Education Brochures

$25K Mobile Screening & Education Lab

Academic Needs

$700 Each - Computer/printer at student’s desks x 10  Aetrex Donated 7 Computers Spring 2012! Thank You Aetrex!

Revenue Generating Projects

$90K Retail Shoe Inventory

$30K Line Of Credit For Start-up Of Retail Staffing

$3K Handicap Stair Lift

$30K Marketing Salary For Development Of Manufacturing Lab Housed Within School

$2K each - Video’s professionally edited for marketing online educational opportunities Powerstep Commitment March 2012

Miscellaneous Needs:

$5K AFO Oven

Discontinued shoes for shoe modifications course

New Shoe Donations to build retail shoe inventory 

Materials for class projects – polypropylene, plastizote, cloud, EVA’s, Acetone, Dual 88 Glue, etc. JMS Commitment Spring 2012

Small donations that combined with others make projects happen!

Volunteers with self motivation; volunteers with little motivation, volunteers needing motivation to merely “get involved”


Thank you!, for taking the time to view our “Wish List”. If you are unable to make a contribution, we would appreciate your prayers and inspiration towards our mission.  Perhaps you have talents that can be utilized and we welcome your input. Please contact pam@rmpi.org to discuss any ideas or comments you may have or by phoning Pam Haig at 765-557-7216.




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