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1984 - Present

Julie Haig CNA, MT, C.Ped., AAS, BSM      Wanda Morris Board Eligible    Joe Haig OST, CPed.     Marsha Renihan B.S., Board Eligible      Pam Haig C.Ped.     (Not Pictured: Leland Sexton C.Ped)

Foot One, also known as Foot 1 Mechanix LLC, originated in 1984 with Board Certified Pedorthist Pam Haig as the Chief Pedorthist and Founder. With four pedorthists on staff, it is now headquartered within the RMPI in Elwood, Indiana. The staff provides clinical care to patients referred by their physician as well as instruction, leadership and guidance to aspiring pedorthists as part of the internship requirements mandated for their certification. The staff specializes in pediatrics and sports medicine with an emphasis on chronic and unresolved foot pathologies. Foot 1 Mechanix also provides pedorthic services within clinics in the cities of Carmel, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Elwood, Franklin and within 30 nursing homes within the state of Indiana. For a shoe consultation we suggest that you schedule appointments in the Lafayette location. To schedule an appointment, please mention which location you prefer and please phone 317-872-3074 or email:  


For Issues Not Resolved By Foot Orthoses, We Highly Recommend That Patients Consult Their Physician For A Referral To Dr. Brian Bartley (Physical Therapist / Chiropractor) - Who Consults Specifically With The Foot One Pedorthists.

Dr. Bartley has 28 years of physical therapy experience and 21 years of chiropractic experience; specializing in orthopedic and sports medicine diagnosis with a focus on spinal conditions of the neck and back. Dr. Bartley serves as an adjunct anatomy instructor of The Robert M. Palmer, MD - Institute of Biomechanics, Inc., and Indiana University.

 RHI - Carmel Physical Therapy Staff Where Foot One Mechanix Pedorthists Practice




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