Uni.Lab is a for profit, revenue generating division within the RMPI to sustain the longevity of the RMPI's vision. It was conceptualized as a BAPFOL accredited lab, offering the highest industry standards in making functional and accommodate feet orthoses. Dr. Michael Miller, Dr. Douglas  Blacklidge and Dr. Kenneth Krueger were the founding sponsors.

Uni.Lab also provides employment opportunities to interested individuals within the economically distressed city of Elwood, Indiana.

Uni.Lab utilizes CAD CAM technology as well as master hand skills to manufacture podiatric and orthopedic foot orthoses while providing a training internship for RMPI students.  Advanced Manufacturing Courses are also offered through Uni.Lab to enhance individuals hand skills and knowledge base.
To begin using Uni.Lab to manufacture your company's feet orthoses, please contact joe@rmpi.org who serves as the lab manager.  Joe will provide you with order forms, a catalog as well as an application to process your invoices via visa or mastercard if you so desire.
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