Biomechanics Overview

To gain access to RMPI's Ground Zero Applied Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Series - scroll down to "Password Protected - Request Password" - also consider viewing our library of live and online lectures - The RMPI has over 200 educational videos available.


Visit the RMPI Tab "Online Courses - MCE /CME Courses" or utilize this link: 


 To obtain information about any of the topics presented in our MCE / CME courses, please click the link below titled (Password Protected - Request Password) below:  Be sure to identify by name the presentation of interest to you and the number of CME credits desired so that we can attempt to meet your specific academic needs and budget. Prices vary dependant upon length of presentation, quality of presentation, live instruction or video/online instruction and depth of content. Minimum $50.00 - $1K


Coming Soon - Retail Website - to meet the needs of the busy retailer, retail staff or those requiring a more dynamic website learning experience. 


Our most popular course is our Ground Zero Applied Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Series awarded by ABC for 50 CME's

 Focused on Applied Biomechanics with over 600 PPT slides and written narration within chapters, available for study.


There are two options available to view this PPT:

1) Pedorthic Pre-certification students are required to view and read the narration of the first +150 PPT Slides and then perform assignments in the Pedorthic Practicum Pre-arrival Workbook (using it for reference in Pedorthic Practicum Hands-on). Furthermore, this +600 PPT slide and narration presentation is being used toward a Certificate in Applied Biomechanics and it's full PPT of +2500 slides is being used in the development of an Associates Degree in Pedorthic Biomechanics; conceptualized in 1996, coinciding with the vision and mission of the RMPI. 

2) For those choosing to view this PPT as a 50 hour CME course - this course is approved by the ABC for 50.0 CME Scientific Credits.  The tuition is $750.00 which includes an online test of +200 questions. A workbook accompanies the course to advance the student to a "Biomechanical Pedorthist" status. A portion of this presentation is under video development and intended for release in 2016 in video format. 

To gain access to RMPI's Ground Zero Applied Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Series click "Password Protected - Request Password" below:

(Password Protected - Request Password) - click to gain entrance to Bloomfire Online Course and request to "Join" this learning platform. For ease in navigating these chapters, we suggest that once in this Bloomfire Lecture "Ground Zero Applied Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Series" that you begin with Chapter 1, then proceed numberically through the entire series. The questions in your self assessment test (Ground Zero Online Test) will be in the order of the presentation as a programmed text to ensure the most optimal learning experience short of live lectures on this topic.

Please request the Ground Zero Narration which is presented in a word document to be printed, for ease in viewing slides versus scrolling from the slide to the narration and returning back-and-forth as topics are systematically explained in detail to enhance the learning experience.

Coming Soon:
"Under Development Since 1996" a +2500 page PPT with extensive pictures for visual aid and detailed, written narration to teach applied biomechanics beginning with Ground Zero Introduction, with the Pedorthic Scope of Practice, Case Studies and Biomechanical Theory Applications including Compensation and Advanced Posting Theory. This series includes applications of the patented Triaxial Intrinsic Posting Techniques. It is the RMPI goal that this series be presented in video format for future generations. Please consider making a donation to fund this worthy project.


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