Pre-Cert Course Instructions

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RMPI recommends the following software for our Online Courses:

It is recommended that you begin each module with the book “Introduction To Pedorthics” as your study guide. Read each chapter of the book that corresponds with each module to help you to retain the information and pass your course exams. Both the Introduction To Pedorthics and the Applied Pedorthics Courses utilize Contemporary Pedorthics for most pathology assignments. System requirements in more detail are supplied in the RMPI Workbook and continually updated as technology changes. If you experience slow loading times, please refer to this document for assistance or contact your local IT department for assistance. The RMPI does not have the resources to remotely access your computer to assist with technology issues as this is not within our scope of practice or expertise to be technology advisors.
When submitting your assignment, please follow the detailed instructions within the RMPI workbook and simplified version in the online course instructions. The protocol established below will ensure accuracy and efficiency when processing a vast number of assignments by our faculty on a daily basis:

  1. Complete the assignment in the RMPI Assignment Workbook provided upon your enrollment. This is then saved in your computer as a word document and the title will change as you complete all four required courses.

            Examples of Submitted Assignment Workbook Saved As:

           J.Doe MM-DD-YY Intro WB

           J.Doe MM-DD-YY Pre Arrival WB

           J. Doe MM-DD-YY Post Practicum WB

           J.Doe MM-DD-YY Applied WB

  1. Save the student's RMPI Assignment Workbook / document in the format described in the detailed instructions of the RMPI Assignment Workbook.
  2. Please verify that your software has not saved the document as a zip drive as this is not compatible with our software. An unidentified MAC version has been known to corrupt the RMPI workbook. Therefore, before the assignment is sent to the RMPI,  we suggest that you send the assignment to yourself to ensure it was saved and titled correctly to avoid the assignment being returned to you to properly resubmit to the RMPI as instructed. It may require the student to utilize a "non-MAC" computer to test their MAC software version. This will also avoid unnecessary processing fees for incorrectly submitting the assignment workbooks.
  3. Attach the word document to an email and be sure to place the same saved title in the subject area of the email to aid in accurately and efficiently processing the student assignments. Example  (Email Subject/Regarding): J.Doe MM-DD-YY Intro WB
  4. Send the word document containing the student's assignment to: Faxed assignments are not accepted and considered unreliable, especially when attempting to meet deadlines. However, when submitting any document via fax, please send an email notifying the RMPI online faculty to be expecting the documents such as housing requests, flight itineraries, etc.
  5. The student's emailed Assignment Workbook will be acknowledged by an automatically generated email and then approved or requested to be resent by an RMPI Online Faculty Member when it is processed. Appropriate faculty comments will be provided in both instances. The student  will be notified of any areas of concern such as an inability to open the document, failure to complete the assignment as instructed, or the need to resubmit correctly, and any other faculty recommendations of additional study materials to enhance the understanding of that module, etc. Workbooks are processed in the order received; please be patient during deadline times associated with the ABC National Exam dates or NCOPE curriculum deadlines. There is a $250.00 fee to process workbooks on a "Rush Basis" to meet ABC/NCOPE or employer/student deadlines. Please submit workbooks 14 days prior to any ABC/NCOPEdeadline  to avoid these "rush fees". Certificates require proper documentation and 30 days to process.

Please title the RMPI Assignment Workbook as provided below:
Introduction To Pedorthics Curriculum - Password Provided Upon Paid Enrollment:  

Pedorthic Practicum Pre-Arrival Online Curriculum - Bloomfire Link Required:  

Pedorthic Practicum Hands-On Curriculum - Reminder - Please read the Enrollment Protocols of what to bring to the Practicum Hands-On course, also be prepared to ship approximately 50lbs of course work back to your home, office or other location.

Post Practicum Workbook

Applied Pedorthics - Online Curriculum - New Password And Username Required:

RMPI Online Review Course - Many Powerpoints, Study Guides and a 1400 Question Pool is provided!



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