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I have been meaning to write to let you know I took the ABC exam on the 18th and preliminarily passed the exam. The main focus of most of the questions were situational. Like how to treat specific pathologies with shoe or insert modifications. The part you were interested in was the regulations and scope of practice. I would estimate about 30-35% of the questions was about regulations and scope of practice. Some were specific to the different boards within the ABC and their functions. Others related to when to send a patient back to the physician for treatment and when, if ever, you should send a patient back to a previous pedorthist/practitioner/physician if the pedorthic work they had done prior to you seeing them was faulty. There were a couple of questions along those lines that had me confused. I hope this helps for classes that come through down the road. I want to thank you and all of the RMPI faculty for  your help in getting me to this point. Your assistance and teaching gave me a strong foundation to get through the exam.

Jason C. 2012

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Classifications of Diseases Project *

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* Continually under development; enhancing the review course to assist with different learning styles. Likewise, some review materials may become obsolete as technology and academic standards change.



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