Course Dates - USA

The Robert M. Palmer M.D., Institute Of Biomechanics "A Not-For-Profit School" has uniquely designed courses to provide pedorthic pre-certification education for the retail, clinical or biomechanical knowledge seeking pedorthist.


Please contact or 765-425-9012 with any questions or a request for alternate course dates; our mission is to be of service to you and any organization you are affiliated with.

The RMPI reserves the right to cancel any course date that does not meet the minimum enrollment requirements.

Students are not officially enrolled in the Pedorthic Practicum (Hands-On) until all required pre-requisites have been completed and enrollment confirmed by RMPI Faculty.


Pre- Certification - USA Course Dates Every Quarter Of The Year  

Private Courses are offered each month (no scholarships apply to the private course) - please email

Course Dates Subject To Change Due To Lecturing Tours, Building Renovations, Etc.     

1st Quarter         4th Monday of March           Elwood, IN  14 - 17.5 Days - Weekends Off *
2nd Quarter 4th Saturday of April Elwood, IN 10 Consecutive Days - No Day Off
3rd Quarter 2nd Saturday of September Elwood, IN 10 Consecutive Days - No Day Off
4th Quarter 1st Saturday of October Elwood, IN 10 Consecutive Days - No Day Off
                          Newly Publicized Certification And Lecturing Dates Below


At Your Company? Your City, USA 10 Consecutive Days plus CME Course
3rd Quarter Lexington Podiatry Group Lexington, KY  Private Pre-Cert Course
3rd Quarter Magic Valley Podiatry Twin Falls, ID  Private Pre-Cert Course
3rd Quarter PFA Canada Chapter Toronto, CA  National Symposium
3rd Quarter Oklahoma Pedorthic Asso Tulsa, OK  Applied Biomechanics and ROM
3rd Quarter Foot-Spine Assessment Ctr Hong Kong  Applied Biomechanics
4th Quarter Frankfort Leather Bensalem, PA  Pre-Cert Course - Open Enrollment
4th Quarter Quad 24 Waterbury, CT  Pre-Cert Course - TBD

The course dates listed may have several courses going at the same time during the dates listed

i.e.: a 10, 14 or 17 day course may offer an advanced course, a condensed course or internship training at the same time

* Additional Tuition For Extended Course Dates



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