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(Elwood Location Only)

Thank you for considering the dormitory housing provided at the RMPI. With the generosity of our corporate sponsors and the support of the Pedorthic and Elwood community, we are able to offer dormitory housing for $150.00 for eleven days (one day prior to the course and ten consecutive days thereafter). Housing is on a first-come-first-serve, reservation basis.  Each of the dormitory apartments are equipped with a full kitchen, cooking utensils, washer & dryer, linens and towels.  The dormitories offer television, movies and games. A community computer is available at the school for student usage. 

The dormitories are located in the quaint, country "feel" of Elwood, Indiana, within walking distance of the school. The RMPI shuttle will arrive at 7:45 to provide transportation of the students to the school and return them at the close of the day in the 8:30 time frame.  Some students opt to share rides once they become acquainted with one another; building new relationships for future networking during lunch breaks and dinner. Otherwise, there are a number of restaurants within walking distance of the school for break times, lunch and dinner.  Some students opt to ride the RMPI "Tandem Bike" to the school or other bikes on the premises and many enjoy walking down Anderson Street to the school, enjoying the quaintness of this country town. In the summer months, the Farmer's Market is open for fresh fruits and vegetables, across from the new City County Building.

Transportation to and from the Indianapolis airport, dormitories, school and market are also provided as a courtesy to the RMPI students with prior reservation. The airport shuttle services is offered at no charge during the hours of 6PM - 9PM the day before the course begins and between 10AM - 2PM the day following the course. Shuttle service outside of these hours are assessed a fee.  Taxi service to the Indianapolis airport is approximated at $100.00 per way. 

We hope you enjoy the tour provided below; please do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions. To reserve housing, an application must be received and the Housing Request & Questionnaire Form must be submitted to the RMPI via fax, email or US postmaster. A confirmation will be sent to the student confirming the reservation. To respect the privacy and security of the RMPI students, the address of the dormitory housing will be provided within the confirmation email.

Private Apartment - $450.00 (12 day occupancy) Available for the executive, couples or those desiring more privacy - within the RMPI dormitory building. Washer & Dryer accessible. Living room couch makes full-size bed for additional occupancy.

Women's Dormitories - Sleeps 4-5


Men's Dormitories - Sleeps 6-8


Private Apartment


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