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The Robert M. Palmer, M.D., Institute Of Biomechanics, A Not-For-Profit School has developed three Pedorthic Pre-Certification Financial Aid Packages in an effort to assist individuals who have experienced some financial strains during the present recession occurring within the USA and were unaware or unprepared for the ABC mandation of 1000 internship hours and the New Industry Standards in Pedorthic Education in the USA in excess of the previous Industry Standards as a 160 Hour Pre-Certification Course.

While the RMPI supports the increased curriculum and mandatory 1000 internship hours, this may present some individuals or companies with financial distress in their attempt to properly staff their business or meet the diabetic epidemic needs within the USA. Therefore, the RMPI would like to offer the following Scholarships:

1) "Do It Now! Entry Level NCOPE Approved Pedorthic Pre-certification Course $2400.00 (not valid with any other scholarship or discount program).  Full payment at time of enrollment; free modest housing with limited availability and airport shuttle during operational times. This tuition is proudly sponsored by ING Source, Inc., the maker's of OrthoSleeve, OBrands, OS1st Bracing System and the Foot Gym. Visit to learn more about their products.

2) Short Term Financial Plan - Course Tuition $2700.00 - 3 equal payment over three month period; final payment and course completion due within one year of enrollment; free modest housing with limited availability. Certificate of completion will be dispensed once full payment has been received.

3) Long Term Financial Plan - Course Tuition $3000.00 course completion due within one year of initiation; 12 months financing with initial payment of $500.00 (non-refundable) then automatic withdrawals from Debit card, Visa or Mastercard for eleven months. The Certificate of Completion will be dispensed once full payment has been received.


The Robert M. Palmer M.D., Institute of Biomechanics (RMPI) has proudly awarded $186,000.00 in scholarships from July 2004 to December 2009 and continues to award scholarships locally, nationally and internationally annually to support the demand for pedorthist worldwide!

Scholarship Eligibility: Some scholarships specify that you must be an employee, distributor, or representative of the Corporation offering the Scholarship. While other Scholarships require a donation of time, knowledge or products or services. Although some scholarships are more lenient in their acceptance policy, you may be required to apply for a scholarship through the Pedorthic Footwear Foundation prior to receiving some scholarships provided by the RMPI or their corporate sponsors.

USA Recession Scholarships:

Pedorthic Foundation Scholarships:


The Pedorthic Foundation awards scholarships for individuals already within the pedorthic profession.  Recipants are awarded scholarships based upon the Pedorthic Foundation's eligibility requirements. You can submit your application to the Pedorthic Footwear Foundation (PFF), renamed in 2009 to the Pedorthic Foundation by clicking here and downloading this application or pasting in this link:


Pedorthic Footwear Foundation

N7540 Edgewater Dr.

Beaver Dam, WI 53916-9536

Phone:  866-921-8645 Ext. 101

Scholarship Submissions Address:

Scholarship Review Committee

Pedorthic Footwear Foundation

7150 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite G

Columbia, MD 21046-1151


After submitting your application to the PFF and receiving your acceptance or denial letter, you can then contact the RMPI to enroll.


Please contact us for more information at

For financial aid on other related certifications or degrees, visit:




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