Pedorthic Pre-Certification - USA

Course Topics

Introduction To Pedorthics With Retail Focus:  Terminology, Anatomy, Biomechanics, Pathologies, Shoe Fitting, Shoe Construction, Prefabs, Retail

Pedorthic Practicum With Technician Focus: Applied Theory, "Live" Patient Care,  Clinical Applications And Casting, Lab Skills Involving Manufacturing Orthoses and Shoe Modifications, Etc.

Applied Pedorthics With Clinician Focus: Human Anatomy And Physiology, Pathologies And Case Studies With Systemic Diseases, Custom Molded Shoes, Subtalar Control Foot Orthoses (SCFO/AFO), Practice Management, Patient Management

Optional - Advanced Pedorthics With Theoretical Focus: Applied Biomechanics - Practicum Or Online Course

Upon the successful completion of the course requirements for Pre-certification in Pedorthics and 1000 mandatory internship hours (of which 147 of the pedorthic curriculum counts towards), the participant will be eligible to submit their application to the ABC (American Board For Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics) for participation in the National Pedorthic Certification Exam. Click here for more information

Also Available: Pedorthic Pre-certfication Course +250 Hours (4 Month Program; intended for advance theory in biomechanics) - Email for details!


Pedorthic Pre-Certification Entry Level NCOPE Approved Course

Tuition includes dormitory housing and airport shuttle on a first-come-first-serve basis with prior reservation

Curriculum must be completed within one year of enrollment to avoid a Re-enrollment Fee


1) Group Practicum ("Boot Camp" Experience) At RMPI Headquarters:


May We Suggest Upgrading From The NCOPE Approved Entry Level Course: And Studying From The RMPI Advanced Workbook With Clinical Faculty Review And Interaction Plus Online Review Tests With A Question Pool Exceeding 1600 Questions


 2) Semi- Private Practicum 10 Days At RMPI Headquarters Or Your Location (2-4 Participants Maximum) - FOR THE TIME SENSITIVE PARTICIPANT


3) Private Practicum 10 Days At RMPI Headquarters Or Your Location:


4) Private Optimal Academic Experience For Optimal Learning At RMPI Headquarters:


5) Custom Learning Experience Or Multi-Visit Learning Experience:

Testing Out Of Course Topics - No Tuition Discounts

PT, CO, CPO, DC, DO, DPM, MD May Test Out Of Introduction To Pedorthics and Applied Pedorthics but are required to perform Final Exam and attend Practicum.


Needing CME's?

The RMPI offers the above courses for CME's as well as a variety of course topics. Please see our website tab "MCE - CME"  (Mandatory Continuing Education - Continuing Medical Education) to learn more about how you can continue your educational experience with the RMPI; together - driven to improve your patient outcomes! Over two hundred course topics are available via online. Please visit our website tab: Our Courses - MCE/CME


Internship Course (1000 Hours) Required Before Sitting For ABC or BOC National Pre-Cert Exam
This course is designed for the RMPI student to gain their 1000 mandatory internship hours, while residing in the Indianapolis area or utilizing the RMPI dormitories. The internship has no tuition fees, but offers a work-for-trade to gain knowledge in a retail shoe store, pedorthic, podiatric, orthopedic and physical therapy/chiropractic rehabilitation clinic and a BAPFOL accredited laboratory. This internship can be done at the participants own pace and over an extended time frame if desired.  Work hours are 40  hours per week with dormitory tuition and school oriented transportation with a fee of $750.00 per month, otherwise work hours are +60 hours per week, with dormitory fees and school oriented transportation with a fee of $200.00 per month. Travel expenses to the RMPI, food and personal expenses are not included in the internship tuition.


Ground Zero Applied Biomechanics (50 Hours)

This course is an overview of applied biomechanics. It is titled Ground Zero to reflect the compensatory responses that occur when the foot is in closed chain versus open chain. Understanding these complex topics aids the foot and ankle practitioner with formulating a biomechanically engineered foot or ankle orthosis. This lecture incorporates thirty-five years of clinical experience with advanced theory and the applications of advanced posting from zero - advanced levels of knowledge. It is a course worth its weight in gold; what every pedorthist should know... a multidisciplinary compendium of the sciences as they related to foot function.


Fundamentals of Functional Foot Orthoses Course (51 Hours)
This course teaches the fundamentals of functional foot orthoses in a BAPFOL (Board for Accreditation in Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratories) accredited manufacturing laboratory. Topics include impression and fabrication techniques necessary to manufacture functional feet orthoses. Class size limited. Click here for more information.


Advanced Manufacturing (50 Hours)
This course teaches advanced manufacturing techniques of functional foot orthoses in a BAPFOL (Board for Accreditation in Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratories) accredited manufacturing laboratory. Topics include negative and postive cast analysis, functional posting and advanced fabrication techniques necessary to manufacture functional feet orthoses. Class size limited. This course has been awarded 49.5 CME's by the ABC. Please contact us for more information.


Dual Axis Intrinsic Posting Course (40 Hours)
Richard O. Lundeen, D.P.M. invented the Integrated Dual Axis Posting Technique while in podiatric medical school. Upon his graduation from The Wm. H. Scholl School Of Podiatry, Dr. Lundeen patented the Triaxial Posting Technique. Both the Dual Axis and Triaxial are advanced posting techniques. The are the most advanced techniques used in the USA for complex foot and ankle disorders. The Triaxial course will be offered by the end of 2006 in our new laboratory in Elwood, Indiana. Please contact us for more information.


Diabetic Shoe Fitting Course (16 Hours)
The candidate will learn shoe fitting in a retail and medical environment. Hands-on wound care will be provided to learn to properly off-load diabetic lesions or pressure sites. Contact us for more information about this course.


Custom Courses
Designed to meet the professional needs of an individual or corporation. Course length, content and location are dependant upon the topics requested, number of participants, desire outcome and financial requirements.  Contact us for more information about developing a custom course!


Faculty and Lecturers
These courses have been developed by an exceptional group of health care and educational professionals working as "Partners in Alignment" within the schools not-for-profit framework. This environment fosters a rich diversity and a multi-disciplinary approach offering students pragmatic and valuable information. The courses are presented by a core group of dedicated and "real world" experienced instructors.



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