The RMPI has offered more courses each year than any other pedorthic pre-certification school during the conception of pedorthic education in the early 1960's. The RMPI has accomplished this by having full-time pedorthic faculty members, dedicated solely to academic education. With the commitment of the founding pedorthists, the RMPI began offering courses in 2004 on a national basis. Within one year, the RMPI had outgrown their 3000 sq. ft. location and with the generosity of Superfeet Worldwide LLC, was able to acquire the Historical City Hall Building in Elwood, Indiana; with over 20K square feet for pedorthic educational equipment, tools, lecture halls, casting rooms, clinical treatment rooms, retail area, prop storage and administrative offices. The RMPI has over 5K square feet available for future expansion as the pedorthic scope of practice increases to include Ankle Foot Orthoses.

With a traveling team of faculty members willing to be of service to those aspiring to learn pedorthics, the RMPI has taught courses in a number of states - Indiana, California, Florida, Washington, Ohio, Texas, New Mexico, Michigan and the list continues to grow.  The RMPI is often requested to return to offer additional courses for a specific course sponsor such as Euro International, MacPherson Leather, Superfeet Worldwide, Tenderfeet Shoes, Apis Footwear, Spenco Medical Corporation, American Diabetic Supplies, Powerstep, Remington Products, Sroufe, OrthoSleeve, Dr. Kong Footcare, P4 Wedge / Dr. Clough, Atlas, Pedifix, and the list goes on... The RMPI traveling lecturing team has also been contracted to provide courses in Canada, Hong Kong, Canton, Kowloon, and Beijing. Students from across the world have chosen the RMPI for their pedorthic educational experience. These students bring their culture and enthusiasm from as far as Thailand, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Canada, Taiwan, and soon the county of Taiwan.

Below are just a few of the +900 students who have attended the RMPI which does not include lectures provided to various associations or organizations for continuing medical education. More pictures are forthcoming.

Please take the time to read the most recent testimonials of students who have attended the Pre-cert courses, advanced courses and review courses (some of these students are graduates of other schools and have chosen the RMPI to further their understanding in applied biomechanics or to enhance their ability to pass the national pedorthic exam).

Student Testimonials listed below:



Pam and Joe,
Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I took the certification test this morning and passed.  
There were several questions where I thought of one or the other of you and the class - and figured out the answer, thanks to your great instruction.  
Thank you both so much for sharing your knowledge and talents.  You are both incredible people.  You have made a huge impact on me and I thank you.
I hope you are both doing well.
God bless you both
Chris Gale


Pam and Joe,

I wanted to share with you that I received the preliminary result from my exam indicating I passed.

I wanted to thank you both for your support and for sharing your knowledge with me to successfully pass the exam.  The practice questions were good as they correlated to the material covered on the exam but not necessarily identical.  There were a number of questions that related to appropriate referral back to a physician, a few of appropriate insurance coverage and types and others that spanned the product, evaluation and treatment of conditions.

I am looking forward to the next chapter as I utilize the C. Ped as part of my business plan.

Again thank you,

Jarred Gibson, M.S., ATC, C.Ped



Student Overview Of ABC Exam And Acclamation 06-07-2018:

Good Morning,

Yes you have my permission to add my acclamation to the website.
As far as the pricing questions I did not run into any during my 165 questions. I did have a majority of questions on treatment plans and contacting the referral provider. 
You have a patient come in with lateral knee pain and pes planus foot type the prescription is for a custom orthotic device with lateral wedge. You recommend a different treatment plan you should:
A. Fabricate the orthotic as prescribed
B. Fabricate the orthotic you think would work more effectively
C. Contact the prescribing party and discuss the treatment plan and findings
D. Explain to the patient a foot orthotic may not help this problem. 
As far as the course curriculum the book work was well done and complete. I would personally add maybe more fabrication time for those who had no prior fabrication experience. It greatly helped me understand the bio mechanics of the foot and different materials, postings, casting, etc. I know that this is a time issue overall. And that some of the C.PED may not fabricate in their futures, but I think it is very important baseline for understanding of the services we can provide. 
I hope all is well with the school and you continue to keep things going. I look forward to a possible future training or education with you guys in the future. 
Thanks Again for everything, 
Dave “BigFoot” Duguay
Central Maine Orthotics and Prosthetics


Pedorthic Training In Podiatry Offices:



Hi Pam! Here’s a testimonial that you’re authorized to use wherever you like! It’s short enough to fit on marketing pieces. The others will have theirs along ASAP. “I loved the flexibility of the private CPED course. Since the first session, my team has found the knowledge we learned from Pam and Joe to be SO beneficial in our day-to-day discussions with patients.  I can’t wait for the next practicum!”

Dr. Nicole Freels, FACFAOM

Lexington Podiatry

2700 Old Rosebud Rd | Suite 110 | Lexington, KY 40509

ph 859.264.1141 x67 | lexpodiatry.com


Good Morning, Pam!

We had an absolute blast.  We learned SO much we’ve already started implementing it in the practice.  On Monday, between Kat and I, we were able to modify (on site) 6 orthotics that made an immediate difference in the patients comfort!  We’ve casted for 3 Richies in 3 days with Joe’s much faster technique.  
I can’t even begin to thank you enough.  We are all looking forward to our long future together.   
Thanks again, really excited to learn more!!!

Dr. Nicole G. Freels, FACFAOM
Lexington Podiatry | Doc Kelly's Apothecary
2700 Old Rosebud Rd #110, Lexington KY
ph 859-264-1141 | lexpodiatry.com


“RMPI’s pedorthist course provided an excellent hands-on learning experience and lecture.

Pam and Joe taught us how to think like a pedorthist.  I really enjoyed learning the clinical pearls and how to utilize them in everyday practice”.  Katherine Kubarek APRN, FNP-BC


Good Morning!

I wanted to follow up with you in regards to my text yesterday.  She’s still so excited after your course and has been excelling in the clinic.
Can you please provide her with the password to your site so she can get started ASAP?  
She’s hoping to accomplish a lot over the holidays as she’ll have more time away from work. 
Thank you and have a wonderful day!  

Dr. Nicole G. Freels, FACFAOM
Lexington Podiatry | Doc Kelly's Apothecary
2700 Old Rosebud Rd #110, Lexington KY
ph 859-264-1141 | lexpodiatry.com



April 23, 2017

This is the awesome teacher I had - Pam. I knew I would like her from this first opening ceremony for our sessions. She flew our country's flag proudly, and gave honor to God and our country before saying much else to the students. Robert M. Palmer, M.D., Institute of Biomechanics.

Veteran's Day Facebook Post Fall 2017

I am proud to be going to Robert Palmer M.D. Institute of Biomechanics, who still stand for, and are proud of our country. I always get the good chills of pride and sacrifice, when I see our flag. This was their opening ceremony. We fly the flag in our office as well, at Petersons Orthotic Lab. Not many companies do.

Julie Ann Cutts

USA World Cycling Record +45 Age Group



I am grateful for the program at RMPI and have often mentioned the benefit of going through RMPI's program with those I work with as well as with patients.

If you have a student who is looking for a position, or who in the future maybe looking for a job in this field,  have them get a hold of me so I can put in a good word for them, as a grad from RMPI.

Really, I had a very good educational experience at RMPI.

The program was intense, but I especially liked it because it was specific to Pedorthics and is what I am using in my Clinics.

One area of the program that I use without thinking, is the approach to a thorough  examine and evaluation of a patients feet and footwear.

This is now a natural part of my evaluations and I often have patients comment how, “this is the most thorough examine of my feet I have ever gotten, my doctor is not this thorough.”

Those few comments I get from patients make me feel good, that I am in this field and I am always thankful, that that approach of evaluation came from RMPI.  Thank you.

Also, I was challenged by the comment and challenge at RMPI about “take the hard patients.”  Referring to those patients that are not the everyday ones who you could see them with your eyes closed and get them what they need.  But rather the patient who has had ulcers for years, and no doctor yet has offloaded the patients FOs or shoes to provide healing.  The learning experience I had on offloading and shoe modifications has been well worth the Program.  Oh, and often - as well, I have had patients come back and comment that “what you did in my Foot Orthotics has really worked,  I don’t have that ulcer anymore, you are a miracle worker.”

Thank you again.

Aloha till later,

Collins K. Freitas, C.Ped.

 Hanger Clinic


This really is a standout school. Y'all treat everyone like family and that is what made the course for me. If somebody can't learn or have a good time at your course they need to go home. Your passion is what drives people and there is ZERO lack of passion in that building. Thank you for a great course and hope to see you for another course in the future.

Follow-up after passing the ABC Exam: Thank you so much for you help and support. The RMPI school took me to the next level and gave me the confidence going into the test I needed. I used the reviews you sent me and that was a huge help. Once again thank you and look forward to seeing you at the Oklahoma meeting.

Thank You,

Clint Shero - Sports And Wellness

Spring 2017

Hello Pam,

I just wanted to take a second to say thank you for an amazing experience. You really opened my eyes and got me thinking about things in my career and life in general.  I came down there with no expectations at all. It was just another thing that my employer required of me and I figured I would come down get it over with and never think about it again. I want you to know that you guys were unbelievable and what I expected was nothing like what I got. I feel like I learned and got more experience in 10 days than I have in my 5 years in orthotics and prosthetics and even during my biomechanics in podiatry school.  You guys also made things fun and kept it interesting. The passions you guys have for this profession is inspiring and it’s nice to know that there are people out there like you and Joe that still care about the patient first. Thank you again so much for such a great experience.

Keith Clark, DPM



It has been a very memorable experience working with your firm. I feel that I am smarter, more capable and infinitely better equipped to work in pedorthics and healthcare in general. Thank you. Thank you for your excellence and ability to share your knowledge.
In Good Health
Michael G. Short, BS


Just wanted to let you know that I took and passed the boards on Friday, March 18th.  I was informed immediately that I passed but they said to wait until you get the official notice in the mail.

Mary Peterson, DC 


Thank you, This helps! I found the workbook section I need. 

The first section (Intro To Pedorthics, Leve 1) was a little rough for me. Maybe just the time crunch from signing up the second week of January and having the first assignment due the end of the month to reach my April deadline. This Bloomfire presentation (Practicum Pre-Arrival, Level 2) has helped put many things into place. Thanks again.


Third Quarter 2015


Thanks for a great week of instruction. You and Joe are a great wealth of knowledge. I think you both have a great dea of knowledge to pass on to the pedorthic profession as a whole. I think a majority of C.Peds do not possess what you teach, and should know what you teach. This will bring our profession to the level of competence that it deserves.

Yours in pedorthics,

Steve McCann

(Advanced Manufacturing Student)


First Quarter 2015

Hope you and Joe are well.  Been thinking of you a bunch the last couple of weeks. I had the opportunity to take a new position. I went on board with a very large Podiatric practice in Southeastern KY and it absolutely would not have been possible without much of the good stuff you taught me. The practice is Cumberland Foot and Ankle they have 12 locations and the lead Dr. Jonathon Moore was the inventor of the Moore Balance Brace. He is an incredibly sharp individual.  They are in a rural part of Ky and as such do an incredible part of their work with diabetic population. I never could have even considered this position without how thorough you teach in this direction. They brought me in because my knowledge from the retail side but have been using me in clinic almost every day. The good news I can make a difference in some of these people lives. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.


First Quarter 2014


I am very pleased to inform you that 'I haev been offered admissions at the University of Tennessee and have accepted their offer. I want to thank you for all you have done to make this possible. The knowledge gained at RMPI and the experience earned from working with you there have each proved to be invaluable to me as a student. I also want to thank you for your belief in me while I was with you.

Thank you,

Derek Yocum, B.S.

M.S. Candidate

University of Tennessee, Knoxville


I wanted to let you know I passed my Pedorthic exam and am a CPed officially as of February 1, 2014. Thank you so much for the knowledge you imparted during my time in Elwood. I appreciate all that you do for the profession!


Class of December 2012


Fall 2013

Greetings Pam! I trust you guys are doing well. My Power Platform orthotics have now been to the top of Mt Everest, to the south pole, and are in the boots of several U.S. ski team athletes. They will be in the Olympic games this year on the feet of Olympic Gold medalist Julia Mancuso and others. Thats the big show. Thanks again to RMPI for the excellent Pedorthic training which inspired me to invent my revolutionary footbed system! My next target will be to fit PGA tour golfers. Say hi to Joe for me. Cheers! Buck Brown


Spring 2013 

Good Morning Pam,

First, I would like to thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication in helping us achieve our goals to become pedorthists, as well as your commitment to maintaining high standards in the profession. I know it must have been a very busy and stressful Easter weekend for you, I felt bad that the course deadline fell on such an important holiday and hope you guys have had a chance to take a breath and relax since then. 
Also, I will say that I thought you did a good job with the slide show (Ground Zero Presentation +600 Slides), it had a ton of good information and presented in a good order.  
Thanks, Jonathan


Fall 2012

Recent Testimonial From A Non-RMPI Pre-Cert Student:

September 1, 2012: Utilizing the RMPI Online Review To Aid In Passing The ABC/BOC National Pre-Certification Exam

P.S. Thanks again for all the study tools/help... Now I wish I would have went to your school! I love the people that did mine, they are seriously great people too and I noticed the case studies are identical and the self assessments are pretty similar, but you have went above and beyond to "serve" me and I am much appreciative... I would recommend your school highly in the future. I know I said thanks so many times but I am still overwhelmed by your eagerness to share with me. 



IU Residency Program Evaluations: Here's the feedback that I received:
--you are the most enthusiastic and passionate speaker we've ever had, obvious that you love what you do
--you know your stuff forwards and backwards
--everybody said ditch the PowerPoint--they loved the hands on and props and just hearing you speak--said they'd prefer to read the PowerPoint later
--nobody knew what a "ray" was--I had to laugh a bit at that one

Hope this helps.  Look forward to seeing you again soon.  As always, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING TIME TO TEACH!!!

Amy Leland - Chief Resident - IUPUI

I have a wonderful pedorthist (makes shoe orthotics and has a genius aptitude for understanding foot and ankle functional anatomy and mechanics and how it can all lead to gait dysfunction and low back pain etc).  She made my orthotics and I'm completely convinced we need training on this... She is very interested in speaking to our residents and would be willing to do so on Monday afternoons.  Judging by our conversation, I think she could take up to 2 or 3 full afternoons to go over this stuff.... I think this would be incredibly valuable for our residents, as I have already started implementing some key parts of her foot and ankle assessment into my exam and finding foot and ankle pathology in many of my patients, which contributes to their other issues.   She started a school up north by about 45mins from Indianapolis, teaches and has the highest standards/certifications.  Would you please contact her for some lectures and let me know in advance when they will be scheduled? I will block my Monday aftenoon clinic schedule those weeks, as I want to attend. If you could schedule them all before July 1 that would be much appreciated! I've cc'd Pam Haig to this email.

Many thanks!
Kelly (Kelly Paul, MD - Physiatrist)

I want to thank both you and Joe for making my time at RMPI such a great experience.  You are both wonderful people with incredible knowledge and dedication that I admire.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.  Thank you for being such wonderful instructors, you have increased my understanding and have given me the drive to learn more.  I only wish I had more time there with you.  Thank you for your patience and your hospitality, you both went far beyond your roles as educators to ensure we were all comfortable and I have respect for the way you handled challenges with grace.
I hope to have the opportunity to meet again as I continue my education in Pedorthics.
You have made a lasting impression.
Take care,
Jen Morehouse


I’m still trying to clear my head from the intense week at your school so I can remember what I already forgot.  While I was pretty burned out by the end, I found myself wanting to spend more time at the school learning, asking questions and practicing.  You and Joe are terrific!  Thanks so much for everything.


Phone call from student paraphrased:

I had attended your Level 1 and Level 2 course. You recommended, that as a chiropractic physician I might find the Level 1 course to be a beginner level and suggested that I merely test out of this portion; I decided to not take your advice and I participated in the program. When I left the course, I agree, I was disappointed - not in the manufacturing side, but the information imparted. Perhaps due to the disappointment of the Level 1, clouding over me as I left. However, as I have been back to my clinical practice, nearly one year following attending your course, I want to apologize. I have found that I draw upon the information I learned, more often than I thought I would experience. I use the biomechanical theory taught nearly every week. I just wanted you to know and thank you for what you do and your program.

Indiana Chiropractor

Advanced Student - Attending RMPI - Advanced Manufacturing Course - May 2011

The very best professional team - Joe and Pam. This course made a hugh advancement in my fabrication skills. Pam is the best class teacher in biomechanics and pedorthics.  Joe has to be the best in the USA for orthotic fabrication and teaching.  Loved the course. Looking forward to taking the Advanced Class on Dual Axis and Triaxial in the future.  Thanks Guys! 

Mark Kuhn, C.Ped.

Text Message February 20, 2011

We both passed the test! Thanks. U helped us a lot and gave us lots of confidence.

Gee Patel and Deborah Parra - DME who attended another school and attended the RMPI for a review course.

Hi Pam,

I attended your school a few years back. I’m so thankful to you and your school for helping me move forward in my profession. I have continued learning in pedorthics and biomechanics for the past few years. I will soon be moving to Europe to open a satellite office for Sole Supports, so thank you very much for playing a big part in making the future brighter for my family and I  & also all the patient’s I’ve taking care of (past & future).

Keith Copley

May 2011

Pam & Joe,
Thank you both so much for the experience with you in Elwood! The school was excellent! It was truly fantastic to watch you two work, and the skills we took away are industry leading; unparalleled. We’re super excited to get our endeavors in motion, knowing what we know now. We can’t wait to see you guys again soon. I (Corey) know I’ll definitely be back this month, hopefully!


Corey & Todd
Corey W. Remington
Quick-Finish, LLC
708 Marks Road, #403
Valley City, Ohio 44280

Hi Pam,

First, thank you again for truly explaining some of the distinctions on the potential questions and resolutions for handling each type. I have done quite a bit of training over my career and I appreciate the efforts you made to ensure understanding on the learner's part. I came away from your review class feeling finally that I "got it" - hopefully not too late in the process!

The Intro book is a perfect resource and I wonder why it wasn't on any resource list from the previous school or from ABC.

We have had an accreditation survey team in our Indiana home health agency all week, today will (finally) be the exit. Its going well but still makes for added stress and no time for any reading/studying. We will not be able to return this Saturday for additional review; however as we go forward and figure out what specific areas we wish to become proficient in, we will return at a later time.

Again, thank you.

Deborah Parra - DME

I thought your review was wonderful and well thought out.  Education is almost a living thing with changes happening every day initiated by new discoveries and thoughts...I think you are a great educator and I wish I lived right there in Elwood so I could soak up more of you and Joe.  I take my test today @ 3pm - thanks for all your help.  JH

Thank you again for the perfect educational experience at RMPI.

Now that I am back, I am ready to jump in with both feet and finish Level 3.

Here is the first assignment on the list, anatomy.

My thanks!!

Mark Herndon

Thank you for everything! Believe it or not I have definitely learned a lot more than I ever even intended to learn. It was great getting to work with you and your husband. I have looked around after have taken this course with you guys and found that you guys are looked at and recognized as the best out there. Anyhow, I never thought I would walk away from this class knowing that I could  actually open up a business from what I have learned from you guys.
What is the next step? I am looking for a certificate or something that I can give my boss showing that I have completed the class. Is there anything else that I need to do?
Jonathan Mack NHA

Hello Pam! 

Its Kris Ketchum, I was just writing you back to thank you for everything you and Joe have taught me!  Also thank you for the orthotics!  Wayne just sent them to me. I am excited they are the perfect Christmas present.  You will be delighted to know I have been using my skills back home.  My friend and I made two biofoam casts of one patient's foot and compared them because he pushed the foot flat in the foam and I used your technique. The calcaneus, then lateral side then first metatarsal head.  We agreed, proper placement in the foam makes a big difference.  I casted a friend's foot and made him orthotics; he loved them!  My first day of working with cork was interesting, I'm still learning. I had to make a second pair because I didnt make them long enough but when I showed him my finished pair, the owner looked at me and said this is the type of products I would give my patients.  I couldn't have done it without you two!  I love what I am doing and deeply appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for our line of work.  I met so many great people at RMPI and I loved the friendly atmosphere.  You guys taught me so much about the practice and about life itself.  I get everybody excited about what I'm doing - I love it.  Have a great Christmas!  Oh and could you send me the orthotist information as soon as possible, I told a few C.Peds about it, and they're interested.  

Thank You,

Kris Ketchum

Hello Pam and All,

I wanted to let you know that I just received my test results and I PASSED!!!  Thank you for all the hard work and excellent review materials.

Brian Woodward, C. Ped

Dear Pam,

Final Level 3 exam is done. Thank you very much for the wonderful education!!! It was great pleasure learning experience with RMPI, and your
passion for teaching pedorthics motivates me to study harder!!!

I was surprised how much knowledge I have gained so far, and of course I found my weaknesses. This is great!!!

Thank you again for all the help!!! God bless you!!!

Brandon J Hong

Just wanted to share the news: I am officially licensed in the state of Florida....Gosh, it feels so good to say that! I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all you have done for me and for other students.
My brother should be finishing his Level 3 part of RMPI's course this week. He has been overloaded with assignments from Calc class, just finished his final....and now that the fall deadline is approaching, I've been like a fire under his feet to get it done. So hope he does. :)
Hope all is well,


Wow!  Thanks for the timely response. No other program has responded to me yet.

Debby Milne

Hi Pam, first of all I'd like to thank you and Joe again for an amazing course.

Jonathan Eto, D.C.

Hi Pam,

I hope this note finds you and your family in good health. I just wnated to share a quick story. I recently saw a patient for custom foot orthotics. She had a lot of pathology but a flexible correctable foot. She has been a long time wearer of foot orthotics. She had stated to me, "If someone could come up with an orthotic that splits my foot in 3-4 segments and moves all the pieces where they should go I'd be on cloud nine!!" Well, of course you and Joe popped in my head. THE WORLD NEEDS YOU AND YOUR VISION!!


Debbie Adolfino

September 1, 2012



We look forward to adding your picture to the memories within the RMPI; historically in the state of Indiana, where pedorthic education was founded by Clyde Edwards, CO and Carl Riecken, C.Ped., in 1961 at Ball State University. It's successor's were Dennis Janisse, C.Ped. and now the RMPI! Below, you will see the RMPI's lead manufacturing instructor, Joe Haig in the top row, second from the left (black shirt).

(If you are a past RMPI student and would like to include pictures within this album, please send them to pam@rmpi.org)

2011 - Pictures Forthcoming


2010 - Pictures Forthcoming


2009 - Pictures Forthcoming


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