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Pedorthic Pre-Certification Entry Level NCOPE Approved Course

Tuition includes shuttle service to and from the Indianapolis International Airport, school, dorm, and two grocery shuttles - on a first-come-first-serve basis with prior reservation

Dormitory housing is available for $150.00 (one day prior to the course and ten consecutive days thereafter).

The curriculum must be completed within one year of enrollment to avoid a Re-enrollment Fee


1) Group Practicum ("Boot Camp" Experience) At RMPI Headquarters:


May We Suggest Upgrading From The NCOPE Approved Entry Level Course: And Studying From The RMPI Advanced Workbook With Clinical Faculty Review And Interaction Plus Online Review Tests With A Question Pool Exceeding 1600 Questions


 2) Semi- Private Practicum 10 Days At RMPI Headquarters


3) Private Practicum 10 Days At RMPI Headquarters Or Your Location:


4) Private Optimal Academic Experience For Optimal Learning At RMPI Headquarters:


5) Custom Learning Experience Or Multi-Visit Learning Experience:

Testing Out Of Course Topics - No Tuition Discounts

PT, CO, CPO, DC, DO, DPM, MD May Test Out Of Introduction To Pedorthics and Applied Pedorthics but are required to perform Final Exam and attend Practicum.


Needing CME's?

The RMPI offers the above courses for CME's as well as a variety of course topics. Please see our website tab "MCE - CME"  (Mandatory Continuing Education - Continuing Medical Education) to learn more about how you can continue your educational experience with the RMPI; together - driven to improve your patient outcomes! Over two hundred course topics are available via online. Please visit our website tab: Our Courses - MCE/CME


Financial Aid Packages Are Available


Pedorthic Pre-Certification Individual Courses

Introduction To Pedorthics: $900.00 USA Resident

Pedorthic Practicum: $1300.00 USA Resident

Applied Pedorthics: $900.00 USA Resident

Total Tuition If Enrolled Separately:  USA Resident $2800.00

Optional Advanced Workbook And Review Tests: $600.00


Tuition includes dormitory housing and airport shuttle on a first-come-first-serve basis with prior reservation

Curriculum must be completed within one year of enrollment to avoid a Re-enrollment Fee


Cancellations - Refunds - No-Shows To Practicum

The RMPI reserves the right to cancel a pre-cert course that does not meet the minimum enrollment requirements of six students per class. CME/MCE Courses have varied minimum enrollment requirements. Please contact for questions.

This course is non-refundable once the online passwords have been provided and/or live instruction has begun.

For employers who are concerned that an employee may not complete the program, purchasing the Pre-certification courses individually may be an preferred option.

Regarding Practicum course dates, the student may choose to attend another Practicum course date that has open enrollment and that has been not mandated as a private course by the course sponsor if they are unable to attend the desired, reserved course date with prior notification in writing. Students who “no-show” for a course have forfeited their participation in that course and are subject to re-enrollment fees to cover administrative fees, faculty fees, course materials, etc. They may also lose their right to dormitory housing being reserved for future dates if another student was turned away from attendance due to the reservation that was not cancelled within 30 days of the course date.


 MCE / CME - Advanced Courses - Tuition

Tuition Varies Dependent Upon Length, Difficulty Of Course Topics And Quality Of Video Presentations

Link to Complete List:

1) Ground Zero - Applied Foot And Ankle Biomechanics Live and Online:

a) Live 5 day course $1K; covering lecture and hands on range of motion, foot typing, gait analysis. Developed for the individual with a focus on patient care, sports medicine, prevention or treating chronic or unresolved foot pathologies or the beginner who wants to excel in biomechanical theory. Approved by the ABC for approximately 50 CME's.

b) Online course $750.00; PPT, written narration, workbook and +200 question (self grading) test. Approved by the ABC for approximately 50 CME's.

2) Range Of Motion - Intrinsic Versus Extrinsic Posting: $450.00 Live, two day course approved by the ABC for approximately 25 CME's. Ideal for the person needing to improve their patient assessment skills and hand techniques. A ten step range of motion is taught and the theory to create a biomechanically engineered treatment plan. Choosing stability shoes versus cushioned shoe or intrinsic versus extrinsic posting can be challenging. This course helps the practitioner to become confident in developing their treatment plan and incorporating various posting techniques for the numerous foot types and pathologies presented in their practice.

3) Video library $50 - $2K; and listed on our website is hundreds of videos and PowerPoints that can be chosen to view as CME credit hours. The cost is dependent upon the topic, length of video and quality of the video or PPT - Please see our comprehensive list of educational videos!

Manufacturing Courses: Courses can be custom designed for education on any topic related to the foot and ankle, with the exception of hands-on manufacturing of AFO's and custom shoes. The cost for any of the 5 Day Advanced Courses held in Elwood, Indiana is  $2K; with one-on-one instruction from our lead manufacturing instructor; whose skills are BAPFOL accredited. Joe Haig is the prior owner and a founding partner of OSI Labs (Allied OSI Labs), an international podiatric manufacturing lab. This course can be divided into a day rate for those who desire to return sooner to their business, practicing what they have learned and then return for further instruction at a later date. The “day rate” is $900.00 per day, not including travel expenses or travel time.

1) Fundamentals Of Functional Feet Orthoses $2K; Focusing on the fundamentals of manufacturing podiatric style feet orthoses using Rootian non-weightbearing casting or similar techniques to incorporate true intrinsic posting techniques according to literature and BAPFOL standards. Four types of bilateral functional feet orthoses will be manufactured from neutral casts developed into positive casts which includes platforming, expansion, intrinsic modifications will be performed. Extrinsic posting as applicable will be performed as well as finishing and quality analysis. ABC approved for approximately 50 CME's.

2) Advanced Manufacturing Courses: ABC approved for approximately 50 CME's.

a) Advanced Manufacturing Course $2K; A minimum of a pedorthic certification is required with an entrance exam to ascertain the level of biomechanical theory the student has been exposed to and can perform to industry standards. This course is focused on pediatric functional feet orthosis Kirby Skive and Blake Inverted education (primarily focusing on improving hand skills or understanding theory) - intended for the person desiring to work with or receive referrals from podiatrists. This course is  highly recommended for the person or company who intends to engage in manufacturing podiatric style feet orthoses to the masses.

b) Advanced Theory And Manufacturing Course - Dual Axis $2K; includes patient care. Student must pass an entrance exam to ensure competency in performing hand skills prior to elevating them to this level of knowledge.

c) Advanced Theory And Manufacturing Course - Polysectional $2K; includes patient care and advanced theory.  Student must have already attended the Advanced Manufacturing courses for Functional, Kirby, Blake, Dual Axis. Student must pass an entrance exam demonstrating their level of ability in properly manufacture functional feet orthoses. 

Internship Courses: require consultation with a Pedorthic Educational Advisor; please contact to engage in customizing an internship program. Tuition cost is dependent upon choosing from 1) traditional internship tuition pricing at @500.00 per 2-3 day event or 2) a “work-for-trade” which requires the student to perform administrative, research or clinical tasks in trade for tuition.

a) Internships on Advanced Manufacturing or Biomechanical Posting, Clinical or Manufacturing Available $500.00 1-3 days instruction otherwise $400.00 per day for 5 days @ 10 hour per day.

Other Courses:

a) Therapeutic Shoe Fitter Course - By Request Only

b) Orthotic Fitter Course offers an  increased  scope of practice: Off-the-shelf, full-body orthotics, soft goods, mastectomy products, therapeutic-diabetic shoes and inserts - By Request Only

c) Ground Zero Applied Biomechanics Video Course (Under Development)

d) Applied Biomechanics Certification Course (Under Development) $1K

e) Have a topic of interest; let us help develop it and begin to market it for educational opportunities!











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