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A 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit School

Founded 1996 - Incorporated 2003

  A Welcome Packet

presented by the Robert M. Palmer, M.D., Institute Of Biomechanics, Inc., and numerous sponsors.

This packet is printable with the most popular topics regarding course tuition, financial aid, course dates and topics, scholarship information, etc., in one location

Thank you for your interest in the field of pedorthics and allowing our faculty to assist you with your continuing education.  The Institute is proud to be the first not-for-profit school in the United States to provide pedorthic education.  Our multi-disciplinary faculty includes contributions from world renowned medical practitioners, educators, inventors, and authors who will provide you with the most innovative pedorthic educational opportunity.

Our course objectives include 1) providing you with the knowledge and resources required to successfully sit for the American Board For Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics National Exam 2) careful compliance with the educational criteria developed by CAPE/NCOPE/ABC/BOC to assure professional standards and 3) incorporating contemporary biomechanics to increase the educational quality and its value to you.

Much of the course will be taught didactically via online or live lecture as well as in a clinic and manufacturing lab. This time spent with experienced professionals provides you the opportunity to excel as a successful, Board Certified Pedorthist, taking clinical care to a higher standard utilizing the science of biomechanics.

We look forward to meeting you and the opportunity for you to share your experience and ideas as we continue to build our "Partnerships In Alignment".


Helping People...Step By Step...

A 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit School - Founded 1996 - Incorporated 2003
Proudly sponsored by


          Pre-Certification In Pedorthics Course Descriptions – 2018

Course Requirements: High School Diploma or Equivalent


1) Introduction To Pedorthics - Online


2) Pedorthic Practicum - Hands-On Options:  Video Link Available For A Preview: http://www.mediafire.com/watch/p4exf8wyh9h7bnn/ground_zero_full_size-1_rmpi_logo.mp4

A) Fast Track "Boot Camp Experience" - 10 Consecutive days Course (No Days Off) or optional 14 days internship and lab with prior reservation for $500.00 additional. Ten day course consists of "Live applied biomechanics lectures" and hands-on in a "boot camp" setting; with clinical care internships. Course intended for the person who will be engaging in formulating a biomechanically engineered foot orthosis, clinical care and an interest in manufacturing skills. This course is fast paced and is not conducive to all learning styles.

B) Optimal Learning Experience - 17.5 Day Course M-F (Weekends Off): Same as the above, except this course allows the student time to defrag from the intensity of the course week and gain a refreshed spirit to continue their learning experience in a more relaxed, learning conducive environment. This course is ideal for those preferring the best academic setting versus "boot camp" type training.

C) Long Term Experience; Custom Learning Experience - Attending for short courses over several  months or 1-2 years as an intern at the RMPI.


3) Applied Pedorthics - Online


4) Optional - Advanced Applied Biomechanics: A +500 hour online and internship course that consists of the above course but provides the biomechanically oriented aspiring pedorthist an opportunity to continue their education while generating an income. The aspiring biomechanical pedorthist will practice theory with various internship options available at the RMPI location; or an outside approved vendor submitting competency based projects to award them a Certificate In Applied Biomechanics. Additional tuition required.


The Robert M. Palmer M.D., Institute Of Biomechanics "A Not-For-Profit School" has uniquely designed courses to provide pedorthic pre-certification education for the retail, clinical or biomechanical knowledge seeking pedorthist.


Please contact online@rmpi.org or 765-425-9012 with any questions or a request for alternate course dates; our mission is to be of service to you. 

Pre-Certification Course Dates Every Quarter Of The Year In The USA         

1st Quarter         4th Monday Of March           Elwood   14 - 17.5 Days - Weekends Off
2nd Quarter 4th Saturday Of April Elwood 10 Consecutive Days
3rd Quarter 2nd Saturday Of September Elwood 10 Consecutive Days - No Day Off
4th Quarter 1st Saturday Of October Elwood 10 Consecutive Days - No Day Off
Special Date Traveling Courses To You TBD Standard Or Custom Course

The course dates listed may have several courses going at the same time during the dates listed

i.e.: a 10, 14, 17.5 day course may offer an advanced course, a condensed course or internship training at the same time

The RMPI reserves the right to cancel a course date due to lack of minimum enrollment

 For Tuition Prices - Please Visit "Our Courses" - Tuition

Pedorthic Footwear Foundation Scholarships for Pedorthic Education

Financial assistance for education is available to students interested in a career in pedorthics.  Scholarships from the Pedorthic Footwear Foundation (PFF) can be used to cover tuition costs at courses that the American Board For Prosthetists, Orthotists and Pedorthics (ABC) recognizes as prerequisites to sit for the ABC exam.

Scholarships usually available through the PFF include:

The Aristotle Mirones Scholarship, established in memory of the founder of ARIMED

Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics

The Eneslow Pedorthic Institute Scholarship (Basic Course).

The Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine Scholarship, available to students committed to pursuing pedorthic education at Rosalind Franklin University

The Xtra Depth University Scholarship providing full tuition for the Basic Course sponsored by P.W. Minor & Son, Inc.

The Sidney M. Pols Scholarship, created by P.W. Minor & Son

The Dawn Janisse Scholarship

Scholarship eligibility requirements are:

1. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have at least a high school diploma or its equivalent.

2. Applicants must have prior experience related to footwear for foot care.

3. Applicants must describe the educational plan they are following or intend to follow, including the school(s), the approximate timetable, and the approximate date on which they plan to take the pedorthic certification exam. (NOTE: Applicants need not be enrolled in a course at the time they apply.)

4. Applicants are expected to sit for the certification exam within two (2) years of completing course work supported by the Foundation scholarship.

5. Applicants must agree in advance that, if selected to receive a scholarship, they will serve as advisors to the Foundation Scholarship Committee for two years immediately after receipt of a scholarship. Such service shall not exceed 16 hours of consultation, generally by telephone or e-mail, over the course of those years.

6. Applicants must be prepared to describe their preferred area of concentration in pedorthics, and tell why it is their preference. Examples of "preferred area: patients with arthritis, athletic/sports injury, diabetes, or other category geriatric or pediatric patients whose foot problems are related more to repetitive stress than to medical need patients whose jobs place undue stresses on their feet patients experiencing severe foot trauma due to mechanical/vehicular injury general-practice pedorthic patients some other area of particular interest

7. In addition to the application form, applicants must submit recommendations from three distinctly different individuals who are not related to the applicant. Letters of recommendation should address the following points: 1) applicant's commitment to helping others, 2) applicant's job performance, 3) applicant's acceptance of responsibility and follow-through, 4) applicant's interest in achieving growth through education, mentoring or other means. If the recommender has observed the applicant at work: the applicant's work efficiency, ability to maintain perspective, ability to function in unusual or difficult circumstances, and ability to work with co-workers and Applicant's aptitude for pedorthic work - which involves, but is not limited to, manual dexterity; interpersonal communication; analytical problem solving; comprehending medical terminology, footwear terminology, and properties of various adhesives, leathers and other footwear components; visually assessing symmetry; hand-eye coordination; using electronic and mechanical evaluation devices and a variety of other tools; and documentation; and, any other matters that seem relevant.

NOTE: If the recommender prefers, they can send their letters directly to the Foundation (see address on Application Form). Envelopes must include your last name in the lower left corner.

Scholarship Amounts and Payments. Amounts of Foundation scholarships are set annually by the Foundation's Board of Directors, depending on the number of scholarships to be made available. Historically, amounts awarded have varied between $500 and $2,500, and are paid directly to the school. Scholarships are not awarded retroactively; that is, they may pay for courses a student is taking or will take, but not for courses that have been completed when the application is received.

Scholarship Deadlines. Scholarship applications must be received by January 15 each year.

Recipients will be announced in April or earlier. (The Foundation reserves the right to decline to award a scholarship. If the Foundation declines in any given year, it may choose to award additional scholarships in a subsequent year.) A scholarship must be used within 12 months of being awarded, unless special arrangements are made otherwise. Selection of scholarship recipients will be made by the Pedorthic Footwear Foundation Board or its appointed representatives. Decisions are final, and may not be appealed. Selection criteria include, but are not limited to: 1) evidence of commitment to a career in pedorthics, 2) indication of how financial aid would affect the applicant's ability to pursue a career in pedorthics, 3) applicant's preferred pedorthic interest area. (NOTE: There is no "right" or "wrong" answer. This requirement simply increases the Foundation's understanding of the applicant.), 4) the applicant's stated intentions regarding "giving back" to the profession; and 5) indication of ability to be an effective C. Ped. (NOTE: Previous activities, such as participating in health fairs, taking special courses, volunteer or civic activities or other efforts or undertakings may be relevant here). If a relative or employee of a member of the Foundation's Board applies for a scholarship, that Board member will not participate in scholarship decisions.

APPLICATION FORM: Pedorthic Footwear Foundation Scholarship in Pedorthics. Note: This form has four (4) sections. Each section must be completed in full.

SECTION I. General Information.

Applicant Name:_________________________________________________________________

Home Address:__________________________________________________________________

City:____________________________ State/Country:______________ Zip Code:__________

Employer during Footwear/Foot care Experience:



Verification of your footwear- or foot care-related experience is required. Please ask

your employer/former employer to provide a signed letter on his/her letterhead confirming length of your employment and a brief description of your duties/responsibilities. If your experience is through self-employment, please provide a copy of your state or federal tax I.D. Number.

Current Employer:____________________________________________________________

Employment Address:__________________________________________________________

Home Phone:___________________________ Work Phone:__________________________

Fax:__________________________________ E-mail:__________________________________

SECTION II. Education. List below the schools that you have attended, the general course types you studied or degree(s) you received, and the year you completed the program(s).  Give most recent educational information first. Use additional sheet(s) if necessary.

School Degree/Course Type Year

________________________ __________________________________ ___________________

________________________ __________________________________ ___________________

________________________ __________________________________ ___________________

________________________ __________________________________ ___________________

SECTION III. Personal. Please respond to the questions below in as full a manner as possible without exceeding 500 words per question. Number your responses to correspond with the question. Use additional sheet(s) as needed. Type or print clearly. Copies of your responses will be made for each Scholarship Application reviewer.

1. Describe your footwear- or foot care-related experience. Include type of company you worked for, job(s) you performed, number of years you spent on each job, any increases in responsibility that you may have experienced, and how you became interested in pedorthics.

2. Describe your preferred area of interest in pedorthic practice.

3. Describe how you plan to pursue a career in pedorthics (e.g., 1. in a private practice setting, in a clinic or hospital, or as part of a health care team practice; 2. as an employee, employer, researcher, teacher, combination).

4. Discuss how financial assistance would affect your ability to pursue certification in pedorthics.

5(a). List any special achievements or honors that you've received or activities that you've undertaken which you believe are relevant to this application.

5(b). If you wish to be considered for a Sidney Pols Memorial Scholarship, please describe an activity you have performed that you believe to have included an aspect of service to community.

6. Please imagine a future in which you have been successfully practicing pedorthics for at least 10 years. You are professionally debt-free, supporting yourself and your family, and respected by both patients and prescribers. In what way would you wish to "give back" to the field that is your livelihood?

SECTION IV. Pedorthic Education Plans. Please outline the pedorthic education plan you expect to follow. Include the school(s) you plan to attend, the approximate month and year you plan to attend school(s), and the approximate month and year you plan to take the pedorthic certification exam. OPTIONAL: If you are also planning to gain additional hands-on experience with a C. Ped. mentor, please give the C. Ped.'s name and facility address, the approximate length of time you plan to work there, and the approximate date(s) during which your additional hands-on experience will take place.

Return the Complete Application - which includes (1) this form, (2) your answers to the essay questions, (3) confirmation of your current or former employer of your footwear/foot care-industry work experience, and (4) letters of recommendation from three distinctly different people who are not related to you - by January 15 to:

Scholarship Review Committee

Pedorthic Footwear Foundation

Current Address

N7540 Edgewater Dr.

Beaver Dam, WI 53916-9536

Notifications will be sent in late March. Thank you for your interest in pedorthics.




The Robert M. Palmer, M.D., Institute of Biomechanics, Inc.

Opens New Facility


Superfeet Endowment Supports the Opening of The Robert M. Palmer, M.D.,

 Institute of Biomechanics, Inc.; Classes Begin February 2006


October 22, 2005, Elwood, IN & Ferndale, WA - Today, with the support of an endowment from Superfeet, the Robert M. Palmer, M.D., Institute of Biomechanics, Inc., opened the doors to its 20,000 square foot facility, the Historical City Hall building in Elwood, Indiana.  The landmark was donated to the Institute by Elwood Mayor W. Merrill Taylor and the Elwood Historical Society on the condition that the building receives $100,000 worth of renovations.  The funds for renovations will come from Superfeet over the next five years.  Founded by Pam Haig, C. Ped, in 1996, the Institute teaches advanced biomechanics for those in the related foot and ankle care professions, and footwear and orthotic industries.  Classes are slated to begin in the facility in February 2006.

 "We believe The Robert M. Palmer Institute of Biomechanics offers today's footwear retailer the best opportunity to train their staff in an accredited program that's focused on improving footwear selection, fit and accommodation of an orthotic", said Randy Curran, Managing Partner, Superfeet LP.  "Superfeet is delighted to be the first corporate sponsor of this worthy program."

"We are enthusiastic about the opportunities that the City Of Elwood, the Historical Society of Elwood and Superfeet have provided us," said Pam Haig, C. Ped and Founder, The Robert M. Palmer, M.D., Institute of Biomechanics, Inc.  "Because of Superfeet's donation, we now have the funds to renovate this enormous building that has so much potential.  We are thrilled to house not only our own program in this incredible building, but also the National Headquarters for Pedorthic Biomechanical Education and the Indiana State Pedorthic Association."

The Institute offers courses such as applied anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, orthopedic shoe modifications, and diabetic and retail shoe fitting.  It is the first school to specialize in pedorthic biomechanics in a two-year Associates Degree in Applied Sciences and created an international "Partners in Alignment" campaign to prevent juvenile obesity and diabetes. 

About Superfeet

Based in Ferndale, Washington, Superfeet is the leader in the after market insole industry.  Founded in 1977 to design and manufacture orthotics for the ski industry, Superfeet's product line has expanded to include custom and trim-to-fit Premium Insoles for every type of sport and casual activity, and every type of footwear.  For more information about Superfeet, please visit: www.superfeet.com 

About the Robert M. Palmer Institute of Biomechanics

Founded in 1996, the Robert M. Palmer Institute of Biomechanics is a 501(3)(C) not-for-profit school that offers pedorthic educational courses.  The Institute consists of a broad group of health care and educational professionals working together to continually improve the clinical application of pedorthics and lower extremity biomechanics.  For more information about the school, please visit: www.rmpi.org  


Robert M. Palmer, M.D. Institute of Biomechanics Inc.

A 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit School

Founded 1996 - Incorporated 2003


1601 Main Street, Elwood, Indiana 46036  765-557-7216  online@rmpi.org  www.rmpi.org




Dormitory Apartment Information:

Address: 2032 S. J. Street, Elwood, Indiana 46036-2025

Due to the generosity of the RMPI course sponsors; the RMPI is proud to offer free dormitory housing in newly renovated apartments by reservation only on a first-come-first-serve basis. The RMPI will provide you with a Housing Request And Questionnaire form along with an email confirming your reservation. To secure yourself with dormitory housing, please email online@rmpi.org . These apartments are complete with full size kitchen, appliances, washer and dryer (two units), television, bed linens and towels as well as television, movies and games. A community computer is available at the library for student use.  Paper products, dish soap and laundry, detergent are the responsibility of the student.

Please visit our website for a visual tour of the RMPI dormitory apartments.  The RMPI is looking for a course sponsor to renovate the exterior of the building so that it reflects the interior quality of our newly renovated dormitory apartments and exemplifies the educational experience you will receive when attending the RMPI.


Hotel Information:

The nearest hotel is the East Street Inn & Suites at www.eaststreetinn.com
Telephone #: 765-675-7505 Fax # 765-675-7152, located at 127 S. East Street, Tipton, IN 46072.

The East Street Inn provides suites for your comfort and has been negotiated for $47.00 per night, including a comfortable living area and full kitchenette (with a full size refrigerator, stove, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, and kitchen sink), as well as free cable TV and Wifi internet service.  All of the major chain restaurants, CVS/pharmacy, the US Post Office, and even a Marsh Supermarket are within a 60 second drive from our location.  Many suites provide separate sleeping areas for privacy between business associates. 

Other hotels within 30 minutes:

Fairfield Inn - Noblesville  http://www.marriott.com/fairfield-inn/travel.mi

Consult - City Of Kokomo Chamber Of Commerce http://www.kokomochamber.com/


Bed & Breakfast Accommodations:

The Plum House - Phone: 765-552-5831 within walking distance of the RMPI; continental breakfast only.

Country Inn Gazebo - Phone: 765-754-8783 includes a hearty country style breakfast, fresh breads and pastries. 

The Country Inn Gazebo has offered a discount program for the RMP Institute Of Biomechanics, Inc. If you have any questions or would like to book your room please contact the Country Inn Gazebo at www.countrygazeboinn.com

The 25% discounted room rents for students will be 5 main floor rooms for 1 person each will be $45.00 including taxes and full breakfast and a chip and cola snack in the evening.

The price for 2 in a room either in the 2 rooms which have 2 beds or the 3 rooms which have only one bed will be $55.00 inc. taxes and breakfast.

The price in the dormitory down stairs where 6 may sleep in the 4 beds (2-full and 2-twin) is 22.20 per person.

The summer rate from May through September will only be discounted 10%.

Laundry is $2.50 a load using my soap products and $2.00 if they supply their own. This is for the use of the laundry themselves.

Other Housing & Attraction Information - Contact: Chamber of Commerce 1-765-552-0180. 

Bed & Breakfasts In Surrounding Citites: https://www.google.com/search?q=bed+and+breakfasts,+elwood,+indiana&sourceid=ie7&rls=com.microsoft:en-US:IE-Address&ie=&oe=&gws_rd=ssl

Transportation And Directions To The RMPI 

The RMPI provides transportation to and from the airport, school, dormitory, and Plum House Bed-N-Breakfast:

Transportation is provided by prior reservation only. To reserve transportation prior to your arrival please email your flight itinerary to online@rmpi.org You will receive an email confirming your reservation. Arriving transportation is provided from the Indianapolis Airport on Friday, the day before the course begins - between 6PM and 9PM and departure transportation on Tuesday, the day after the course concludes - between 10AM - 2PM. A transportation fee is assessed for arrival or departure times before or after these times. For more information, please contact online@rmpi.org  Arrival Instructions: obtain baggage, call the shuttle staff cell phone (who will be waiting in the airport cell phone lot) and proceed to the last door (north door) of the baggage claim area and await the RMPI shuttle.

If you WILL be renting a car while you are here:

Proceed from the Indianapolis Airport and head north on I-465. I-465 surrounds the Indianapolis metropolitan area. Proceeding north, veer toward the east  onto I-465 East, the total traveling time to this point is about 15 minutes. Proceed to Meridian Street and head north on Meridian Street, the total traveling time is about 8 minutes. Take this approximately 45 minutes to State Road 28. State Road 28 will lead to the city of Tipton, continue east toward the city of Elwood. The traveling time from Meridian Street to the city of Elwood is about 10 minutes. Arriving in Elwood, there is a very large dome in the visible in horizon. The school is located on the right side of State Road 28 and Main Street. The actual address is 1601 Main Street, Elwood, IN 46036. (Directions and Map)


Enroll Today Using Our Online Application!

www.rmpi.org  "ApplicationTab"



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