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CD: OSU Foot Anatomy

This interactive self-paced learning module is a state-of-the-art form of education. Developed by OSU-Okmulgee’s Pedorthic Footwear Technology Program, users will acquire professional knowledge and skills in Pedorthic techniques, patient management, practice management and professional responsibility by completing the learning module series. Includes pictures, illustrations, quizzes, coursework and audio.


CD: Pedorthic Exam Review

This Flash Technology based review on Compact Disk is focused on supplying the student with the skills and knowledge needed to pass the Board For Certification in Pedorthics® exam by presenting exam-like questions, exploring possible answers, and discussing rationales for correct and incorrect answers. *


CD: 30 Common Foot Pathologies

Self-paced 250 Slide PowerPoint presentation in exam format followed by a 30 question Online assessment. Covers Pathology Definition, Effects on gait, Orthotic Solution and Shoe / Shoe Modifications

4 ABC CE's


DVD: Lower Extremity Casting Techniques - Volume I

Weightbearing Static & Dynamic Impression Foam, Semi-weightbearing Impression Foam, Non-weightbearing Plaster Slipper Cast, Non-weightbearing Fiberglass Slipper Cast, Bivalve Custom Shoe Casting, Subtalar Control Foot Orthosis Casting, & UCBL Casting

3 ABC CE's


DVD: Foot Orthotics Grinding Techniques

Step by Step Procedures
Diabetic, EVA, Cork, Poly and Composite
Tips to improve productivity
Divided into chapters for easy view

2 ABC CE's (S)


CD: Safety in the O & P / Pedorthic Workplace

Responsibilities, Workers Compensation Laws, Total Safety Management, Safety in the Lab, Avoiding Common Injuries, Ergonomics, Preventative Maintenance, MSDS, Fire Prevention & Control, Safety in the Exam Room & Universal Precautions, Healthcare Emergencies, and Aggressive / Violent Behavior

ABC: 4.5 (B) | BOC: 8




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