RMPI Pedorthic Pre-Certification Course


USA ABC/NCOPE Accredited 

Introduction Video

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Course Name: Introduction To Pedorthics (Formerly - Level I)

All pre-requisites are required to be completed by student and successfully processed to be eligible for official reservation in the Pedorthic Practicum Course. It is suggested that the student complete the Introduction to Pedorthics course within two months of course enrollment.


Course Name: Pedorthic Practicum Pre-Arrival  (Formerly - Level 2 Pre-Arrival)

Deadline: RMPI Online Terminology Pre-test,  Bloomfire PPT, Pre-Arrival Assignment Workbook, Ground Zero Online Test - To be completed before scheduling attendance to Practicum (Hands-on) Course. 


Course Name: Pedorthic Practicum (Formerly - Level 2 Hands-On Course)

Deadline: To be scheduled for Pedorthic Practicum (Hands-On Course) attendance within four months of course enrollment to allow ample time to finish entire course within one year of Enrollment Confirmation.


Course Name: Post Practicum (Formerly No Other Name)


Course Name: Applied Pedorthics (Formerly - Level 3 Course)

Deadline: Online RMPI website modules, assignment workbook and final exam - entire course to be completed within 12 months of Enrollment Confirmation, to avoid re-enrollment fees.


Optional Advanced Pedorthics -  Biomechanics Course

Deadline: Completed Within One Year Of Enrollment To This Optional Advanced Course


All course work must be completed 14 days prior to an ABC application deadline or NCOPE curriculum deadline, to avoid an RMPI Rush Fee to process the student's assignment workbook and produce the course completion certificate. Otherwise, certificates are mailed within 30 days of the successful completion of the Applied Pedorthics Final Exam / course conclusion and student required documentation such as NCOPE required surveys, OSUIT Special Admissions Form and any outstanding invoices due to the RMPI.


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